Trainings and Workshops

Creative Wellbeing Workshops specializes in helping individuals and organizations experiencing high levels of stress. We use experiential arts-based interventions informed by positive psychology and the science of wellbeing to help others manage stress and adversity, prevent burnout in their work, and feel more energy and enthusiasm in their lives. The creative process highlights strengths, engages whole-brain thinking, and visually illustrates new possibilities, giving participants more expansive ways of seeing themselves and others. People feel more energized, empowered, and hopeful, discovering new perspectives on their struggles and strengths. This has a cascading effect throughout all areas of their lives, fostering resilience and leading to sustainable positive change.

We list below key workshops. In addition, we can collaborate with you to design and tailor workshops that meet the unique vision and goals of your organization.

Key Workshops

Bouncing Forward: Creatively Dealing With Stress and Adversity

Stress and burnout lead to compromised health, poor work performance, and significantly reduced quality of life. How can we not only manage stress, but also harness it so that we are not just bouncing back from hardship but bouncing forward into feeling energized and invigorated? Participants learn to “attend to the good” using visual strategies that help identify and amplify what is working in our personal and professional relationships and find positive significance in the challenges we face.

Combating Compassion Fatigue: Creatively Reconnecting to Compassion Satisfaction

Combating Compassion Fatigue: Creatively Reconnecting to Compassion Satisfaction. Frontline providers such as hospital workers, law enforcement officers, therapists and other human service workers are often exposed to high levels of stress and trauma. As service providers, how do we manage burnout and compassion fatigue and maintain passion for the work that we do? Participants learn empowering tools to cope with compassion fatigue and to reconnect with their compassion satisfaction, the pleasure and enjoyment that they experience in doing their work well.

Drawing Strength: Identifying and Developing Our Highest Potentials

Helping people not only to discover character strengths but also to capitalize on those that energize and engage them. Participants use the creative process to become Strengths Spotters, discovering and activating strengths in themselves and those around them. Focusing on strengths promotes higher confidence, more cooperation, hope, and enthusiasm, which leads to productive wellbeing.

Positive Community Building: Capitalizing On The Best in Our Teams

Use creative team-building strategies such as collaborative art making to appreciate what’s working and explore the best in a community, group or organization.  Identify aspirations and manifest a communal vision. Identify positive goals and strategies for moving the organization and its members forward towards optimal functioning.

Creative Leadership

Utilizing recent innovations in positive organizational development, leaders will maximize their own strengths while inspiring the growth of others and the productive wellbeing of their teams. Explore positive leadership strategies that build on the best in their teams and transform challenges into opportunities. Walk away with effective, engaging and creative strategies for building productive and innovative teams.

Positive Ethics: A New and Empowering Approach to Ethical Practice for Mental Health Practitioners

Ethics trainings are often experienced as boring, full of legalistic jargon, and overly simplistic in providing guidelines for managing the complexities of real life therapeutic relationships. How can we go beyond meeting minimal standards and move towards the ideals that bring us to the helping professions? Positive Ethics seeks to nurture the positive values that inspire us to fulfill our highest potential as therapists. Enjoy a creative, rejuvenating and inspiring afternoon of art, writing, and re-connecting to the passion that brings us to our work!

What is Happiness and Why Does It Matter?

Review some of the “science of happiness” and answers the questions, who is happier, why does happiness matter, and what is happiness anyway?! Discover the importance of positive emotions—how feeling more joyful, serene, or hopeful can broaden perceptions, illuminate possibilities, and improve physical and emotional resilience. Learn to manage stress, prevent burnout and anxiety, and improve personal and professional wellbeing by learning simple, creative techniques for reducing negativity and increasing happiness and satisfaction.

Arts-Based Creativity Workshops

Art studio-based workshops which provide healing, restoration, and rejuvenation through exploring specific artistic processes and techniques with a positive twist. Examples include Gratitude Art Journaling, Team-Building Mural Painting, Altered Books, Mandalas for Centering, Mixed Media Strength Sculptures, and Mask Making.