Art Therapy and Positive Psychology Graduate Class, George Washington University, Wash, DC

The Art of Happiness: Art Therapy and Positive Psychology
The George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program

Designed for graduates level clinicians. To enroll contact the George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program

What makes people happier? Who is happy? Why be happy? How do creative endeavors contribute to happiness? These questions and more will be explored through an introduction to Positive Psychology, the science of happiness, and its application to Art Therapy.

In this class we will explore the following:
• An overview of the field of positive psychology.
• Who is happy, why be happy, and what is happiness, anyway?
• Definitions of optimism and pessimism.
• The evolutionary purpose of negative and positive emotions.
• The definition of positive traits such as character strengths, values, and talents.
• Can art making promote happiness and, if so, how?
• Strategies for using creative endeavors to increase engagement, mastery, and flow.
• Specific, research-based, therapeutic interventions to develop sustainable happiness.

Positive Psychology has challenged us to focus not so much on what is wrong but what is right. Once we help people heal, how do can we help them to thrive and flourish? Be a pioneer in the dynamic new realm bridging Positive Psychology and Art Therapy and discover strategies for increasing satisfaction, meaning, and engagement both in our work and in our personal lives.

“Incredibly empowering and even life-changing. What a gift for me! What a tool to share with others! It truly expands one’s perspective.” -Kelly Hartland,graduate student

“I left the course each week feeling great!” -Hanna Wilson, graduate student

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