Happy New Year! 2018

Welcome to 2018!  We thought we’d start the new year with a video of Gioia describing her art journaling practice.  You can use art journaling to reflect on what’s going on in your life and uncover new layers of inspiration for the New Year.   In the short video, Gioia offers tips on how you can combine writing with art making to help relax, refocus and deepen the exploration and insight that can be gained from the journaling process.  Here is Gioia’s video and here is a handout with more ideas for art journaling.We extend our warmest wishes to you for a very happy 2018–that is, a year full of meaning and life purpose, positive emotion, accomplishment, joy and love, serenity, more harmony and justice, and renewed energy to build compassion for ourselves and others, Warmest wishes, 
Gioia & Rebecca
Art DirectiveLook back through an old journal and find an entry or a turn of phase that inspires you to explore it visually.  Capture those words in a new journal entry and add a visual response to it–a design, an image, any combination color, lines, or shapes.  If you do not have a journal, go to a book store or art supply store and find one that feels like it speaks to you.  Write an entry about your aspirations for the new year and then respond to that with visual images just as we recommended above.  If you have already been using visual journaling, find an sketch or an image from last year that you’d like to explore in a new way.  Your own life is a treasure trove of themes, archetypes, and potential to explore. Choose one and make something new for 2018.  

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