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Micro-Moments of Positivity

May 2019 Last month, we talked about the negativity bias and the Broaden and Build Theory of positive emotions.  The Broaden and Build Theory refers to the broadening effect that positive emotions and experiences have on what we perceive about ourselves and our lives. 

How Feeling Good Changes Your Mind

April 2019 Gioia and Rebecca often joke that despite the fact that they share the exact same profile on the Myers-Briggs–they are both heavily weighed on the scale of extroverted, feeling, and intuitive perceivers–they are opposites in their natural dispositions.

In the Moment and Long-Term Coping

March 2019 One of our clients recently added a nuance to our approach to managing stress and developing resilience. She identified that she parses her “toolbox” of coping strategies into two categories–techniques she uses “in the moment” when she’s faced

Making Meaning From Scribbles

February 2018 We often talk about how important meaning-making is to happiness. At its simplest this is to say that what we believe about what is happening to and around us dramatically affects our happiness.Key to this is the phrase

Best Possible Life Vision Boards

January 2019 The other day, Gioia was asked to run a ” Vision Board” workshop and thought, “I’ve never led one but they sound like a very art therapy-ish kind of thing!”Vision boards are essentially any kind of artwork you

Human Beings versus Human Doings

December 2018 John Bradshaw, author of the seminal book Healing the Shame that Binds You, was one of the first people to introduce into modern vernacular the notion that we are Human BE-ings not Human DO-ings. This catchy expression has

Gratitude Affirmations

November 2018   Last month, Gioia hosted a Health Fair wellness booth at Prince George’s County Community College where she counsels young college students.  Being an art therapist, she wanted to do something interactive with art materials but she knew that most

Anything But Not Everything

October 2018 Rebecca’s husband once said “When I was growing up, my mother always told me I could do anything I wanted but she didn’t tell me I couldn’t do everything that I wanted”. It’s a high quality problem when we

Get Naked

September 2018 Recently, a buddy of ours, Eric, who we could rightfully call an experience junkysaid his friend Caroline had gone to a transformational retreat in which she spent the week naked. We’re always tuned in to innovative workshops, but

Out of the Mouth of Babes

August 2018 Summer is over and so ends our youth series. We thank Tabitha, Gioia’s 18 year old daughter, for reminding us how easy it is to not only take the people that we care about for granted but to