Eric Murangwa, MBE, Our Rwandan Friend

As part of work that Rebecca is doing with the World Bank Group on stress management, burnout prevention, and resilience, Rebecca had the honor of interviewing her friend and colleague Eric Murangwa, MBE, a Tutsi Rwandan who survived the genocide that devastated his people and his country in 1994. The genocide in Rwanda took place over a period of 100 …

How Our Friend Eric Murangwa, Survivor of the 1994 Genocide Against The Tutsi in Rwanda, Forgives Click to Read Post »

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Rebecca Yoga, Coffee and Comfort, and Planning Schedule

If you do nothing else for your wellbeing today, do the “three good things” exercise:  Write down three things that have gone well in your day, big or small. Why?  Because it makes you happier.  Even if you write just one thing that you feel good about, it helps overcome the negativity bias which, as we have explored many times …

4/21 If You Do Nothing Else, Do This: The Three Good Things Exercise Click to Read Post »

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Julia's Ambiguous Losses and Gains

During a family zoom call (a ritual many of you may be familiar with), Rebecca’s little sister Julia and her best-friend Katy voiced that even though there seemed to be “a light at the end of the tunnel” with COVID, there is a still a sense of disorientation as we slowly emerge from the last year and try to reckon …

3/21 Ambiguous Losses and Gains Click to Read Post »

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“People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.”  It’s February. That means Black History month. It means the month of love. It’s the month which marked a year since the world began fighting the pandemic. It’s …

02/21 Is It Cliché to Use MLK? Click to Read Post »

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Annie’s Vision Board 2020 is over!!  Wouldn’t it be nice if the devastation that came with it was over too?!  Sadly, it isn’t—we are still losing loved ones to the pandemic, there is still political strife pretty much everywhere, and the path to recovery will not be easy. Gioia, usually the optimist here at CWW, was feeling a bit discouraged and …

01/21 2020 Was Such a Crappy Year! The Year in Review and Vision Boards Click to Read Post »

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Rather than trying to neatly summarize this difficult year which has challenged our humanity in so ways or trying to deliver witty lessons that should be extracted from that hardship, we have chosen to end the year with a bittersweet story about a dog named Valkiss, his owners Kyle, Carolyn, and George, and a neighborhood collaboration to reunite them. Rebecca lives …

12/20 Valkiss the German Shepherd and his owner Kyle get our final words for 2020 Click to Read Post »

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With the heightened stress of the recent elections and the resurgence of the virus converging with the upcoming holidays, we’ve been asked to write more on coping with COVID.  One of our favorite stress reducing strategies is coloring.  This is perhaps not surprising, since this is one of Rebecca’s passions and she illustrated a coloring book (more about the Desert Mandalas Coloring …

11/20 Coloring to Cope with COVID 19 Click to Read Post »

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Rebecca went back to DC over Labor day to see her family for the first time since March.  Keep in mind she used to travel back there every two weeks so it was surreal that what used to be incidental felt overwhelming.  Would it be safe in the airport? On the plane?  Should she take an Uber? Should she quarantine …

09/20 Coping with COVID 19 Round 2 Click to Read Post »

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One of our favorite resources, Berkeley’s Greater Good, asks whether it is indeed true that politics have the US deeply divided right now.  Many people, and perhaps you dear reader, might emphatically say, “Yes, like never before!”  On the other hand, others of you might say this isn’t the first time politics have been bitter and divisive in this country.  …

08/20 How To Bridge Political Divides Click to Read Post »

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