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2023 New Series “Art for Self-Discovery: How to Analyze Your Art To See What It Is Communicating” Free Monthly Workshops

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What we will provide:

  • A one hour and 15 minutes long workshop/lecture on managing stress and increasing wellbeing
  • A question and answer discussion toward the end

What you should plan:

  • Access to zoom
  • Signing in 5 minutes early
  • Staying for the full workshop if possible 

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Topic: Positive and Wellbeing Lecture/Workshop
Time: Sunday, December 18, 2022 at 12 pm PT/1 pm MT/2 pm CT/3 pm ET
Duration: 1.25 hour

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Topic: Positive and Wellbeing Workshop CWW
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We are starting our new series about using art to discover more about yourself

First workshop January 21, 2023 at 10 am PT/11 am MT/ 12 pm CT/1 pm ET.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Artists Who Want To Learn More About Their Art

  • Artists who want to learn more about their art communicates about them
  • Artists who want to connect with and be more inspired by their artwork
  • Artists who are looking for a new direction to take their art

Anyone Who wants to Tap into the Magic of Art as a Tool for Self-Discovery

  • Anyone who wants a quick and effective tool to tap into their unconscious mind
  • Anyone who wants to expand their awareness and understanding of themselves and others
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about who they really are and where they want to go in their lives

Anyone Interested in Art Therapy

  • Anyone who want to learn more about how art therapy works*
  • Art therapists/students and artists looking to build and refine their skills in art analysis* (please see below for more about art therapy).

Art Tells a Story:   Your Story!

Artwork tell us something about the person who made it. 
Even the most simple stick drawings have information–where the person places the figures on the page, the size of different figures and how they relate to each, the kinds of marks they make and the colors they choose–that tell us about something about the artist. 

Does It Make a Difference If You’re an Artist Versus Someone Who Has No Artistic Training (Or Skill)?
This comes up all of the time when we run workshops.  Usually we hear things like “I haven done artwork since I was 10” or “I don’t have a creative bone in their body!”  We assure, even the simplest drawing reflects things about you that have nothing do to with your artistic skill.

The Art Always Turns Out Differently Than We Intended!
Ironically, the people who are the most surprised by the meaning in their artwork are artists and art therapists.  Although they supposedly have more control over the art media, art rarely goes exactly as planned even for them.  That’s where the meaning can be the richest.  Regardless of skill, What we end up with versus what we initially intended is a story in and of itself.

Skilled Artist or Amateur/The Unconscious Mind Doesn’t Care!
What we are saying is that the unconscious has a way to communicating things that even the most skilled artist doesn’t consciously realize.  It reminds us of a silly TV commercial for a Shingles Vaccine.  In the ad, a healthy older woman says, “I work out three times a week and watch my diet” to which a faceless voice emphatically responds “Shingles doesn’t care!” We substitute that with “I’m a highly skilled artist” or “I’m an art therapist” and the response is “The Unconscious Mind doesn’t care!”

How Do You Read Artwork to Understand What It Communicating?
We look at the visual properties of artwork–things like color, line quality, intensity, value, use of the space, proportion, direction, perspective, etc. and how these elements can serve as a metaphor for the person and what he/she is experiencing.  What Jung used to call “A message from the self to the self”.

How Is This Different from Art Therapy? (*)
We will be explaining what art therapy is, but we will not be doing art therapy or teaching people how to be art therapists.  Things that belong in therapy may come up (as they do when we run workshops).  We usually have people take note of those things and then pursue exploring them in journaling or therapy, but we the focus will be on the visual aspects of the art.

Why Do You Do This In a Group Format?
One of the beauties of doing this in a group is that we get to see our artwork in contrast to others.  Usually at small number of people will volunteer to show their artwork and even if you are not showing yours, you can see how it is similar or contrasts to other peoples’ work.  You get an instant comprehension that no amount of explaining can give–an example of where the expression “a picture tells a thousand words” truly applies

      • When Will The Workshops Be Held?  TBD, likely once a month on a weekend day/Dates TBA by January 1, 2023
      • What Will They Cost? Free
      • How Long Are The Workshops? 1.25 Hour
      • What Do We Need To Do To Sign Up?  We will send out the dates and a link in our monthly newsletter and the details will also be posted on the home page
      • Will It Be In Person?  No, it will be a Zoom call
      • Will It Be Live? Yes, but on zoom
      • Artistic Skill Level? None/Amateurs and experts all welcome
      • Do I Need to Bring Art:  No–we will suggest that people do so and we might recommend a theme beforehand but it is fine to come and observe
      • Can I Attend Multiple Times?  Come as often as you’d like
      • Can I tell Others About This?  Absolutely

*Please note that this is not a professional training and does not qualify in any way as credit toward art therapy certification and/or competency.Have