Inner Critic

The Fiber Arts Guild Workshop with Their Altered Books

Hello! Happy 2013 and warm winter wishes to everyone!

We recently held a lecture with the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild on accessing and increasing creativity and engagement with 50 attendees.  Later 20 of the Guild’s members joined us for an afternoon Altered Books workshop in which we combined journaling, bookmaking, and strategies for increasing inspiration and happiness. Many of the Guild artists identified that their “Inner Critic” often gets in the way of their creativity. 

We’re delighted that the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild invited us to return in the fall to run a workshop on the Inner Critic. We also think it this is such a challenge for many of us and thought it would be useful to address that struggle in our newsletters so look upcoming issues for tips on “Befriending the Inner Critic.” If you have tips for ways that you address your Inner Critic, we’d love hear your thoughts on our facebook page.

Feel free to contact us if you want to collaborate with us, if you think your organization could benefit from one of our workshops, or if you or someone you know would benefit from individual art therapy.

We wish you many moments of joy now and throughout the year.  Rebecca and Gioia