Positivity And Wellbeing: How to Be Happier and Bounce Back From Stress


Join us for the last introduction to our signature Positivity and Wellbeing workshop

(Please note the series will end after this Dec lecture) 

As a way of giving back to our community, we’ve been providing a free Positivity Workshop in 2022.   This one hour and 15 minute long lecture/workshop is designed to provide some support to those of you who are struggling with stress and want to be happier.

We’ll talk the factors that impact stress and wellbeing including but not limited to :

–myths about happiness and wellbeing
–toxic positivity
–the negativity bias
–the hedonic treadmill
–set point/set range for happiness 
–ratio of negative to positive emotions
–effects of positive and negative emotions on perception
–optimistic/pessimistic attributional styles

You’ll walk away with concrete tools for managing stress, experiencing more positivity, and feeling more energized, peaceful, and connected.

No registration required.  Click here for instructions to access the workshop.