Welcome to the CWW Handouts Section

Feel free to download, print, and distribute any of the handouts.  We ask that you not alter any of the visual or written content without our permission and please properly cite anything you use.   Please contact us with any questions at 202 352 5225 or info@creativewellbeingworkshops.com.

Stress Management

Increasing Wellbeing
Coping with COVID 19
Gratitude and Blessings
Optimizing Strengths
Optimism and Pessimism
Positive Partnerships
Science of Feeling Good
Digital Detox
List of Values
List of Needs
Combating Burnout
Mindful Observing
Year in Review/Vision Boards

Art Therapy and Creativity

Demystifiyng Creativity
Mandalas for Meditation
Creative Journaling
Benefits of Coloring