Therapy for You

Stuck in the grips of stress, burnout, and negativity?  We’re here to help.

Most of the people we work with us come to us because they’re overwhelmed and stressed out.  They’re caught in a negative spiral of stress and anxiety that leaves them exhausted and burned out.  

They want to be happier and feel better, they just don’t know how to make that happen.

What Does It Mean to Be Happier?

When we ask our clients what’s troubling them, they’re very clear.  They’re anxious and on edge.  They’re exhausted and struggling to cope.  They’re tired of constantly feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

When we ask them what it would be like if things were better, they usually say they just want some relief.  They want a break!  They want to feel like they’re on top of their responsibilities instead of drowning in them.

  • They’re tired of feeling anxious, irritable, angry, and resentful all of the time.
  • They want more joy and satisfaction in their lives.
  • They want feel some balance and control.
  • They’re tired of being stretched to their limits and overwhelmed all of the time.
  • They want to tap into their creativity and feel more inspired.

Shifting the Negativity Bias and Giving Positivity a Chance

Stress and negativity easily dominate our lives.  Being happier and increasing our wellbeing depends on shifting the natural tendency we all share for negativity to overshadow  positivity.  Because this negativity bias happens unconsciously, we have to find ways to consciously shift our awareness so that positivity has a fighting chance.

If you’re ready to make that shift and experience more happiness and wellbeing, we’re here for you.

Rebecca, Creative Wellbeing Workshops’ primary therapist,  is an expert on wellbeing and will guide you through the steps to bring more positivity into your life.  Learn more about Rebecca here.

How We Help

Rebecca teaches you how to manage negativity so that it doesn’t overwhelm you.  At the same time, we tap into positivity and wellbeing so that you are genuinely more happy.  Here’s what you will experience.

  • Feeling more energy, enjoyment, curiosity, and excitement
  • Feeling less anxiety, resentment, anger, fear, and loneliness
  • Feeling more connected to others
  • Feeling more balanced
  • No longer so overwhelmed
  • Better able to cope
  • Being more comfortable with and accepting of negativity
  • Seeing things more hopefully and optimistically
  • Tapping into your sense of purpose
  • Bouncing back from trauma and adversity
  • Knowing how to effectively take care of yourself
  • Feeling more creative, energized and inspired
  • Feeling stronger and more resilient
  • Being happier and more at peace

Let Rebecca help you tap into your positivity and experience more happiness and wellbeing!

We may not be able to fix all of your problems, but we can help you see them differently and feel stronger, calmer, better able to cope, and genuinely happier.  Give us a call at 202.352.5225 or email us to get started.