Therapy for Couples, Friends, Families, and Colleagues

Do you want more positivity in your relationships?

It’s easy to feel discouraged when we’re having problems with our partners, our friends and family members, our colleagues and teammates.  Enjoyment and sense of appreciation fade as anger and resentment fester.

How do we manage negativity in our relationships so that positivity stands a fighting chance?

First, we don’t shy away from negativity. It gives us useful information. We need to be able to recognize our differences and find out which ones are causing the most distress.

At the same time, we engage strategies that shift the focus from what is wrong to what is right. This includes identifying strengths and vulnerabilities, needs, preferences, and values.

We explore how these might be causing friction and how they can be used to compliment each other.  We find ways to increase positive experiences in the relationship and look at what each person finds rewarding.

These strategies can transform even the most challenging relationship from being contentious and stressful to being more cooperative, accepting, and even gratifying.  

What will you get out of doing this work?

First and foremost, you will see your relationship differently and feel better about it.  You will:

  • See each other more clearly and understand each other better
  • Align your core values and intentions
  • Get insight into your preferences and needs
  • Overcome differences and barriers to communication
  • Let go of resentments and feel more forgiveness and peace
  • Feel more appreciation and affection for each other
  • Feel more hopeful about the relationship
  • Have more fun together!

If this resonates for you and you’re ready to bring more positivity into your relationships, we’re here for you.

Rebecca provides all of CWW’s therapy services.

Rebecca has extensive experience working with couples, families, friends, and colleagues helping them experience more acceptance, forgiveness, appreciation, and joy with each other. 

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Please note that Rebecca is only meeting with clients online at this time.

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