Our Services

We Work With People Who Are Stressed Out!

Whether it’s our private clients, our corporate clients, or our workshop participants–they want relief.  They need a break from the constant stress that they’re feeling in and around them.  We imagine that that’s what brought you here, too.

We provide therapy for individuals, couples, friends and family, and colleagues experiencing high levels of stress.  Rebecca serves as our primary therapist. 

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We are also experts in stress management and wellbeing and provide workshops and trainings on those topics for groups and organizations.  Rebecca and Gioia facilitate the workshops together. 

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Call us for a free consultation at 202.352.5225 or send us an email .  Let us know how we can help you and the people you care about overcome the debilitating effects of stress and get some relief.  

What We Do

We help you manage stress so that you ‘re controlling it, it isn’t controlling you. What we do:

  • We interrupt the downward spiral of negativity, stress, burnout, and fatigue.

  • We launch an upward spiral of positivity, wellbeing, resilience, and happiness.

You might ask why we separate the two ideas.  Aren’t they one and the same?  They’re not.  Reducing stress and negativity is, of course, very important.  It helps remove the barriers to wellbeing.  But building positivity and wellbeing is a process in and of itself.

How We Increase Positivity and Wellbeing

We shift the negativity bias–the tendency for negativity to trump positivity–so that positivity has a fighting chance.

Because the negativity bias happens unconsciously, even to positive people, we need ways to become more consciously aware of what is positive and working in our lives.

Here are just some of the strategies we teach:

  • Establishing your happiness set point
  • Increasing your positivity ratio
  • Exploring your resilience and what has gotten you through difficulties
  • Identifying your strengths and how you might be over or underutilizing them
  • Complimenting your strengths and weaknesses with those of others around you
  • Identifying your tendencies toward optimism and pessimism
  • Finding your meaning and purpose
  • Using your strengths to bring about the changes you want in your life

The Promises of Wellbeing

These techniques will help you tap you into positivity and wellbeing and access the promises they hold for you: 

  • Less negativity, anxiety, resentment, fear, loneliness, and anger
  • More positivity, energy, enjoyment, excitement, and hope
  • More connected to the people in your life
  • Tap into your creativity
  • Connect to your life purpose
  • Overcome trauma in your past
  • Find the silver lining in the hardships you’ve faced
  • See things more optimistically
  • Be happier and more at peace! 

We specialize in the following areas:

  • People facing debilitating and life threatening illness such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and cancer.
  • Frontline providers, caretakers and mental health practitioners in danger of burnout and compassion fatigue.
  • People trying to gain more control over their use/abuse of drugs and alcohol.
  • Family/friends coping with someone else’s substance abuse.
  • People identified as having Bipolar Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, or Schizophrenia who want to understand more about their diagnosis.
  • Family/Friends of someone who have a severe mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, or schizophrenia who want to understand their loved one better. 
  • Couples struggling with inherent differences who want be more accepting, forgiving, and appreciative of their partners more.
  • Organization struggling with staff burnout, low morale, and chronic high intensity stress.  

Whether it’s for you personally, for the people you care about, or for the teams you work with, let us help you shift the dominance of stress and negativity and bring more positivity and wellbeing into your life!   Give us a call at 202.352.5225 or email us to get started.