Creative Wellbeing Workshops: Using Creativity to Cope with Stress and Promote Sustainable Happiness

Life is stressful. You need some relief!

Relief from stress and burnout, relief from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, relief from anxiety and fear.  You deserve a chance for real happiness and satisfaction.   We show you how to loosen the powerful grip of negativity and give positivity a chance to grow. We don’t just tell you to “think positive”, we will actually teach you how to make that happen.

See The World Differently

We should let you know that, much as we would like to, we won’t fix your problems.  But we will help you see them differently.  No matter how stressful your life has been or is now, you will feel better equipped to meet the challenges you are facing and look at things more positively and optimistically.  You will feel more energized and engaged, more connected with others, and happier and more satisfied with your life.

Working with Us

If you’re done with feeling overwhelming stress and ready to experience genuine hope, peace of mind, and happiness, we’re here to help.  Call us at 202.352.5225 for a free consultation.

We offer:

❒  Individual therapy
Therapy for Couples, Families, Friends, and Colleagues
Workshops and Trainings for Groups, Organizations, and Educational Institutions

Positive Art Therapy Theory and Practice

Positive Art Therapy Theory and Practice by Rebecca and Gioia

Rebecca and Gioia are experts on Positive Art Therapy which combines Positive Psychology with the healing powers of the creative process.  

Their popular textbook Positive Art Therapy Theory and Practice illustrates the convergence of these two approaches to happiness and wellbeing.  The book skillfully balances an engaging conversational tone with a depth of historical and theoretical grounding.

Woven throughout are case studies and reflections on how therapists can apply this approach to their work and their lives. A comprehensive list of more than 80 positive art therapy directives, a robust glossary, and lists of strengths and values are also included.