Annie Appreciations

July 2018 Annabel, Gioia’s 16 year-old daughter, reappears this month as the subject of our summer “Youth Series”. Similar to last month’s theme, “Attending to the Good “, which is designed to bring conscious focus to what is functioning in and around us, this month she reflected on an exercise called “Appreciating Small Things.” The instructions for this directive are …

07/18 42 Small Things That Had a Positive Impact Click to Read Post »

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In the face of all the end-of-the-year lists (Best of 2013, Worst of 2013, etc.), we’ve got a challenge for you! If you’ve gotten our newsletters before or you’ve attended one of our workshops, you know we are always touting the research from positive psychology on the benefits of gratitude. We thought we’d playfully up the ante with the “Annabel …

01/14 The Annabel Challenge: 100 Things That Happened in 2013 for Which You Are Grateful Click to Read Post »

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