Julia's Ambiguous Losses and Gains

During a family zoom call (a ritual many of you may be familiar with), Rebecca’s little sister Julia and her best-friend Katy voiced that even though there seemed to be “a light at the end of the tunnel” with COVID, there is a still a sense of disorientation as we slowly emerge from the last year and try to reckon …

3/21 Ambiguous Losses and Gains Click to Read Post »

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When you’re single everybody and their mother tells you how to find a mate.  They’ll tell you what you should do: follow your interests and you’ll meet people with similar interests, do something different so you’ll broaden your options, join a gym, be yourself, be authentic, step outside of your comfort zone, play the game, be honest, lower your expectations, …

02/17 How To Find Love and Other Fallacies Click to Read Post »

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