Therapy & Supervision

COVID has stretched many of us to our limits.  In the face of all of this, we are here to help.  While physical distancing has limited our ability to do so in person, we provide a full range of online telehealth therapy, professional supervision and coaching services.  Call us at 202 352 5225 for a free consultation.

We are experts in helping people who are experiencing high levels of stress. 

Whether it’s because you’re struggling with the very real challenges facing the world, you’re having trouble overcoming traumas you experienced in the past, your health is compromised, you’re taking care of someone else with health issues, or you feel like you should be happy but you’re not, we will help you feel more hopeful, capable, and empowered—not only to bounce back from adversity but to bounce forward into experiencing more energy, fulfillment, and peace.

We are committed to getting you the resources that will help improve your life and the wellbeing of others who matter to you.  If we can’t directly do it ourselves, we will help guide you to resources that will. 

What you can expect if you work with us:  

  • Feel less fear, anxiety, stress, and negativity
  • Tap into what gives your life meaning
  • Understand and overcome trauma in your past
  • Feel more present
  • Take charge of your future
  • Identify and develop the strengths that engage and energize you
  • Let go of old resentments and experience more peace of mind
  • Attend to the good—discover and amplify what is working in your life
  • View your life through a more optimistic lens and see more possibilities for yourself and others
  • Feel more gratitude, joy, zest, and sense of being present in your life
  • Feel more connected to the people you love
  • Tap into your creativity and have more fun exploring that side of yourself

What couples and families can expect: 

  • Get on the same page 
  • Overcome differences and barriers to communication
  • Identify and work through resentments
  • Experience more appreciation for each other
  • See each other more clearly and understand each other better
  • Get insight into your preferences and needs in the relationship
  • Experience more clarity about core values and intentions
  • Feel better and more hopeful about the relationship
  • Have more fun together!

In addition to being trained in traditional counseling practices, we specialize in expressive techniques that help move our clients into action and experience.  This includes art therapy, psychodramatic action methods, narrative therapy, mindfulness practices, movement, and sandtray.

Art Therapy:

You don’t have to be an artist or even like art.
Most people who come to us for art therapy don’t identify themselves as artists and many of them report that they initially felt childish at the thought of doing art. What they find surprising is that even from the simplest drawing of stick figures, they learn something new and different about themselves and what they are struggling with.  Not only that but once they get past the natural resistance to doing art, whether it’s because it’s new and unfamiliar or because it can be anxiety provoking to do artwork in front of others, they find it both enjoyable, relaxing, and even fun.

Accessing different parts of the brain.
Because visual information comes from a different part of the brain that is not censored by language, artwork helps us bypass the limits of what we consciously know and tap into deeper layers of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about. This helps us to revisit our past to find more empowering narratives, to see our current situations more clearly, and, perhaps most importantly, to visualize and move toward a more fulfilling future.

What You Can Expect As A Client

It’s hard to tell you exactly what an art therapy session will look like but the chances are you will be doing art!  What kind of art depends on you, your needs, and the supplies you have at hand.  We usually conduct a free phone consultation before we meet during which time it should be clear what will be most helpful for you and what you are trying to accomplish.  

Usually, some of the session is spent talking about what is on your mind or most important to you at that moment, some time on making art, and the last part on going over what making the art was like and what is has to tell you.  Some clients do their art before the session because they want to spend the therapy time processing their imagery.  Other clients, for example people who are trying to tap into their creativity, like to spend most of the session doing art and less time on what they made.

Clients who have being in therapy for awhile start to develop a body of work that becomes a record of sorts of their progress–like snapshots of the therapy process.  Clients report that one of the things that was most beneficial to them was seeing the tangible evidence of their development over time.

How Do Clients Do Art Therapy Online through Telehealth?

AT CWW, because the nature of our work and personal lives required that we develop an online platform many years ago, we have had opportunities to work through some of the kinks of meeting virtually.  As most people are discovering, although meeting online does not provide some of the comfort and reassurance that meeting in person does, it works surprisingly well—including doing art.  

Usually within the first session or even beforehand during the consultation call, we’ll help you determine what art supplies will work best for you and provide you with ways to access those economically.  

Because working online brings up unique safety and confidentiality concerns, we will go over with you the steps to ensure your privacy and safety, 

Supervision and Consultation

We have extensive experience training therapists and clinicians and are dedicated to improving the individual and collective wellbeing of those with whom we collaborate.  We provide supervision, consulting, and coaching to art therapists, psychotherapists, counselors, art educators, and other professionals in the following areas:

  • Transitioning into the digital realm and navigating the complexities of online art therapy and counseling.    
  • Overcoming and avoiding burnout by reducing compassion fatigue and cultivating compassion satisfaction. 
  • Applying positive psychology principles to clinical practice to help both you and your clients experience more resiliency, wellbeing, and happiness.
  • Using the creative process to become “strengths spotters” of both of our own and our clients’ gifts and abilities.
  • Using Positive Ethics to feel more empowered and less anxious about the ethical dimensions of our clinical work
  • Cultivating cultural competency through the Acculturation Model of ethical and cultural development.
  • Using art to gain insights into complex clinical cases.
  • Providing expert review and analysis of client artwork through a comprehensive range of clinical, developmental, and philosophical lenses.  

Our Experience.

We are licensed, registered and board certified art therapists with over thirty years of clinical experience each. Visit our About page to learn more about our respective backgrounds.  

How to Make An Appointment With Us

Contact us at 202 352 5225 or through for a free consultation call.  We’ll explore what services would best help you and if we are not able to meet your needs, we will help direct you to options that might. 

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