Therapy & Supervision

Art Therapy Consulting, Coaching, and Counseling:

Rebecca and Gioia are experts in helping people who are experiencing high levels of stress—whether because of their work, because of challenges to their health or the health of someone important to them, or because of other personal challenges they have or are experiencing. We want to help people feel more hopeful, capable, and empowered–to not only bounce back from adversity but bounce forward into experiencing more energy and peace.

We are committed to providing you with resources that will help improve the quality of your life and the wellbeing of others who matter to you.  If we cannot directly support your efforts, we hope we can help guide you to resources that will.

We offer consulting worldwide through a range of online platforms.  For clients who prefer to meet face-to-face, we have studios in the DCMD/VA area and in Tucson, AZ.  We also travel nationally and internationally to provide training and professional development.

We combine Art Therapy with innovations from Positive Psychology, the Science of Wellbeing:

  • To feel less anxiety, stress, negativity
  • To reduce burnout and feel more enjoyment in our work
  • To reignite passion for what we enjoy and what gives our lives meaning
  • To identify and develop the strengths that engage and energize us
  • To “attend to the good”—discovering and amplifying what is working in our personal
    and professional lives
  • To shift our perceptions so that we broaden our options and view our lives through a different lens
  • To experience more positive emotions such as gratitude, peace, forgiveness,
    love, joy, zest, and a sense of being present in our lives

Art Therapy:

You don’t have to be an artist or even like art.

Most people who engage in art therapy would not identify themselves as artists and they might even feel childish at the thought of doing art.  What they find surprising is that even from the simplest drawing of stick figures, they learn something new and different about themselves and what they are struggling with.  Not only that but once they get past the natural resistance to doing art, whether it’s because it’s new and unfamiliar or because it can be anxiety provoking to do artwork in front of others, they find it both enjoyable, relaxing, and even fun.  

Accessing different parts of the brain.

Because visual information comes from a different part of the brain that is not censored by language, artwork helps us bypass the limits of what we consciously know and tap into deeper layers of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about our memories and experiences. This helps us to revisit our past to find more empowering narratives, to see our current situations more clearly, and, perhaps most importantly, to visualize and move toward a more fulfilling future.  

Positive Art Therapy

We combine the unique attributes of art therapy  healing potential of art therapy with the empowering focus of the positive psychology movement.  We call this “Positive Art Therapy”–utilizing the creative process to enhance positive emotions and help cope with negative thoughts and feelings; to experience more flow and engagement; to identify and develop the strengths that energize us; to experience more connection with others and to overcome barriers to communication;  to reduce burnout and increase compassion satisfaction; and to increase personal, professional, and political cooperation and collaboration with others.  

Our Experience.

Both Rebecca and Gioia are licensed, registered and board certified art therapists with over twenty five years of clinical experience each. They serve as core adjunct faculty for the George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program.  They have extensive experience training therapists and clinicians and are dedicated to improving the individual and collective wellbeing of those with whom they collaborate.

Clinical Supervision and Consulting:

We also provide supervision and consulting with a focus on helping therapists utilize the creative process to become “strengths spotters” of both of their own and their clients’ gifts and abilities. We help therapists prevent burnout by fueling passion for their work—inspiring the positive values and aspirations that brought them to the helping professions. 

Contact us to explore what services would best help you.  If we are not able to meet your needs, we will help direct you to options that might.