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A Gift for You: Coloring Download from The Desert Mandalas Coloring Book

Rebecca–Prickly Pear Petals from the Desert Mandalas Coloring Book

We wish all of you–our family, friends, colleagues, clients, and collaborators–a peaceful transition into the new year.  For those of you who like to color, we send you a little present, a download of one of the Coloring Creates Wellbeing: The Desert Mandalas Coloring Book Rebecca illustrated.  Here is a link to the coloring book

Coloring, because it often puts us into a quiet, focused state, is a great way to experience a moment of internal peace.  It actually induces the relaxation response (reduced heart rate and blood pressure, changes in brain wave activity, etc.).  If you are interested in the therapeutic benefits of coloring, you can go to Rebecca’s blog on the scientific benefits of coloring here.  

We close with a reminder from Mother Theresa that inspired us. Queen Elizabeth shared it in her Christmas message.  “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

We look forward to crossing paths in 2017.

Warmly, Rebecca and Gioia

Art Activity
Print and color in this coloring in sheet (click here).  If you print it on a slightly heavier stock of paper, you can paint on it.  Pass it around to friends and see similarities and difference in the way you each color it in. We’d love to see your coloring image on our facebook page.   Here is a link to the Coloring Creates Wellbeing: The Desert Mandalas Coloring Book if you want to explore more of the images in the coloring book.