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Arsenal, Fountain, Toolbox, Kit?

Rebecca–The Project

We’ve been struggling over the best metaphor describe the collection of strategies that we use to feel renewed and revitalized.  This dilemma arose after we read one of Lisa Sonora-Beam’s newsletters where she quotes Jason Bourne (from Robert Ludlum’s Bourne Supremacy) that “Rest is a weapon”.  We love the message–rest being so essential to restoration and rejuvenation–but then we wondered about the metaphor.  If rest is a “weapon” for coping with stressors, does that mean that that weapon is part of an “arsenal” of stress management strategies?

Being the positive art therapists that we are, we were also compelled to reframe “coping with stress”.  Not only do we want to manage our stress, but we also want to experience more energy and zest.  We want not only to bounce back from our struggles, but to bounce forward into a sense of renewed energy and vitality.

We realized that we needed a juicy metaphor for the ways we go about “recharging our batteries”.  Did we have a toolbox? A fountain? An arsenal? A kit? A wagon?  After deciding that “toolbox” was too clunky, “fountain” was too gushy, an “arsenal” too scary, a “kit” too light, and a “wagon” was too pedestrian, we finally chose “renewable sources of energy”.  We decided that, albeit a bit wordy, it was current, generative, and light (excuse all of the puns). If you have a more compelling metaphor that you think would “outshines” this one, share it below in the comments section.

A source Gioia uses for renewing her energy is reading a mystery or a science fiction novel.  She also likes meeting up with her girlfriends for drinks or coffee.  When she hits a writing block, she puts her writing aside and sleeps on it, because she knows that pushing herself harder won’t necessarily yield more results and her subconscious will keep working for her overnight. 

Rebecca nests with her husband in his man cave and colors mandala drawings while watching Murder She Wrote.  And even though she’s a slow start in the morning, she forces herself to walk the mile to Starbucks to get a jump-start and chat with her favorite baristas.  Invariably she leaves the coffee shop feeling connected and invigorated-both from the walk and the company (you could say it was the caffeine but she doesn’t get the same bounce from a strong home brew).

So, what are your renewal sources of energy?  What’s in your arsenal, fountain or toolbox?  Share them below as well.

Positively yours, Rebecca and Gioia

Art Directive:  Create a container from clay, paper or found objects, to “hold” your renewable sources of energy