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Attending to the Good

Rebecca–Good Things

Hello!  Warm winter Holiday wishes to everyone!  How is the holiday season going for you?  We often laugh at our dramatically different approaches to the holidays.  Gioia dives right in to creating tons of hand-crafted presents and entertaining with large family get-togethers, but ends up pretty exhausted come January.  Rebecca has a little bit of the “Grinch” in her, and likes to downplay the celebrations, but does enjoy gathering special small gifts for a few family and friends.  

We both try to remember to breathe deeply and saver the small moments of joy that come our way.  We know this can be a busy and stressful time of year for many in our area, particularly for parents, caregivers and those who work in mental health.

Last month, we wrote about the stress-reducing benefits of “attending to the good”–identifying and amplifying what is working and going right in our personal and professional lives.  A good thing we can attend to this month is a new Washington Post poll, indicating we are not as depressed and stressed out around here as we thought we were.  According to this poll, workers in the DC area have high job satisfaction, and though balancing work and home life can be a challenge, a lot of us feel pretty good about our full lives.

Share with us your experience on our facebook page.  Are you, as we say in  DC, “too blessed to be stressed”?  Or could you used some stress reduction RIGHT NOW!@#% ? In any case, we wish you moments of joy now and throughout the year.