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Coloring to Cope with COVID 19

Coloring panel of Rebecca’s Grande Agave Coloring Sheet

With the heightened stress of the recent elections and the resurgence of the virus converging with the upcoming holidays, we’ve been asked to write more on coping with COVID.  One of our favorite stress reducing strategies is coloring.  This is perhaps not surprising, since this is one of Rebecca’s passions and she illustrated a coloring book (more about the Desert Mandalas Coloring Book below).

The simplest and most compelling reason we promote coloring is that it is so effective at helping people relax.  You don’t have to be an artist, or know how to draw, or even particularly like art.  The pre-existing designs invite people to jump in and then the repetitive action of filling in the designs gets them into flow.

This is especially helpful for people who wish that they could meditate but who find it too difficult to sit still–coloring produces many of the same physiological effects.  Please note that we are not suggesting that coloring is a replacement for meditating.  However, it is remarkable that coloring is so successful at creating the stress reducing benefits that people are trying to achieve through meditating.

For example, coloring induces the relaxation response which includes lowering of the heart rate and blood pressure, as well as beneficial changes in brain wave activity. It helps people focus, concentrate, and be more mindful.  It also provides a positive distraction from anxious and pressured thoughts.  Click here if you want to learn more about the scientific benefits of coloring.

Now that adult coloring has become so popular, the selection of coloring books is practically endless.  There are coloring books that feature everything from your favorite pets and plants to your favorite musicians, actors, and public figures.  You can find coloring books that are more simple and straightforward or very complex and detailed.

If you’re ready to experiment with coloring, click on the image of the desert animals, one the most popular images from Rebecca’s Desert Mandalas Coloring Book.  If you want to get the book for yourself or as a gift for someone who needs to relax more and manage his/her stress, it will be on sale for 10% off the rest of November and December.  Click here to check out the book and see thumbnails of the other images.

As always, we send you our well-wishes during these challenging times.  Please know that we are with you in our thoughts and sending you our love and appreciation.

Stay safe and well during the holidays,  Positively Rebecca & Gioia

Art Activity
Print the Desert Kingdom coloring sheet or find a coloring sheet online that appeals to you.

Gather some art supplies–usually people use crayons, markers, and pencils but you can also use pastels or paints if the paper is thick enough.  See how you respond to the coloring process.  We hope if it helps you quiet your mind and relax.  As always, feel free to post your artwork on our Facebook page.  We’d love to see them.