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Hello, Change!

Tabitha–On The Road

This month’s newsletter is a little different, because it is written by a sixteen-year-old girl. I am Gioia Chilton’s daughter, Tabitha. Gioia and Rebecca were experiencing a lot of changes and couldn’t write this newsletter.  So I did. This month we will be talking about change.

Change is often associated as being very negative, but let’s change that. As we welcome the change of the seasons, we need to consider all of the doors that change can open. How can you know if you like something, if you’ve never tried it? I had no idea that I’d like field hockey, until I tried it. Sometimes change can be the hand that guides you through new and exciting things. Sometimes change can be the car that drives you to places you’ve never been.

But change doesn’t always have to be so monumental. It can be as simple as eating something different for breakfast. Or wearing your hair in a different style. Or buying a different kind of toothpaste. Or trying a new kind of art. Those things may sound like a piece of cake, but embracing change can be very challenging. Often times, we are scared of change. There are some scary changes like moving, or getting a new job, or quitting a job you hate. But if we don’t embrace change, then we’ll just stay the same. Which is sometimes a good thing. But sometimes, it can be boring.

My sister, Annie, and I play an online game where you can basically design your life by buying a house with furniture and designing an outfit.  It’s a lot of fun.  But once we have the perfect house and the perfect outfit. We get bored, and then we sell our perfect house and our perfect outfit. Then, we start over. We buy a new house and a better outfit. Change can be scary.  But it can also be necessary. That’s why the seasons change from summer to fall to winter. It’s not because of the whole rotating earth axis thing. It’s because change is meant to be embraced.  People get bored easily.  I know I do.

So, the next time something new presents itself, or a big scary opportunity floats your way, or you just get bored, say, “Hello Change. Nice to meet you. Count me in.”

Positively yours, Tabitha (and Gioia and Rebecca)  

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