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What Did You Think Was So Cool About Coming to This Life?

Rebecca–Things that Make Me Happy.

Why Did You Come To This Planet?

Early Morning Contemplations
Rebecca and her husband, KC, live out West in Arizona but they work on East Coast time.  Each morning they get up at the crack of dawn and start the day with a warm cuppa to watch the sun rise (Rebecca with a fresh decaf green tea with honey and KC with a mean quad espresso with three tea spoons of sugar).

What’s It All About?
The early morning stillness often lends itself to philosophical meanderings—purpose and meaning in life and generally exploring “what’s it all about?”  One morning recently, when Rebecca was feeling a little discouraged about the state of the world and what she was supposed to be doing in it, KC playfully posed a question to her–“Imagine yourself as you were contemplating being born into this world and ask yourself ‘What did I think was so cool about coming to this life?’”

Why Did You Decide To Come Here?
Why did you decide to come to this planet?  What was going through your mind?  What were you thinking?!  Hopefully the provocative simplicity of these questions brings you to a clear-cut and unambiguous answer.

Some Answers
For Rebecca the simplest answer is feeling love and acceptance of others, appreciating and enjoying them, and seeing beauty.  For KC it’s “having experiences and more importantly – being creative, artistic, scientific, exploratory and hopefully playful and engaged…”.

More Answers
Gioia said “To love/be loved–That’s everything”.  Rebecca’s mother Lee replied “having good friends, being a good friend, and finding new experiences”  and her sister Jenny said “Having a twin and having my kids and someone to care about more than myself”.

Answers From Youth
We also wanted to also hear from a younger person so we asked Tabitha, Gioia’s daughter 21 year-old daughter and got this exquisite reply “people plant seeds, spread their roots, and then document and ponder the ways those roots intertwine and grow close and apart. Because of this documentation, earth pulled me in and I needed to experience this”.

Why did you decide to come here?

Positively yours, Rebecca and Gioia

Art Directive
Make a collage about the things that you think are cool about being in this life and/or what made you decide to come to this planet.  Include photos of the people, places, and things that you enjoy.  Share with us on our facebook page.