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11/18 Gratitude Affirmations

November 2018   Last month, Gioia hosted a Health Fair wellness booth at Prince George’s County Community College where she counsels young college students.  Being an art therapist, she wanted to do something interactive with art materials but she knew that most

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10/18 Anything But Not Everything

October 2018 Rebecca’s husband once said “When I was growing up, my mother always told me I could do anything I wanted but she didn’t tell me I couldn’t do everything that I wanted”. It’s a high quality problem when we

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09/18 Get Naked

September 2018 Recently, a buddy of ours, Eric, who we could rightfully call an experience junky said his friend Caroline had gone to a transformational retreat in which she spent the week naked.  We’re always tuned in to innovative workshops, but

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Out of the Mouth of Babes

August 2018 Summer is over and so ends our youth series. We thank Tabitha, Gioia’s 18 year old daughter, for reminding us how easy it is to not only take the people that we care about for granted but to

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42 Small Things That Had a Positive Impact

July 2018 Annabel, Gioia’s 16 year-old daughter, reappears this month as the subject of our summer “Youth Series”. Similar to last month’s theme,”Attending to the Good “, which is designed to bring conscious focus to what is functioning in and

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Expression = Relief

June 2018 Continuing with our summer “Youth Series” we asked Annabel, Gioia’s 16 year-old daughter, to do artwork in response to some of the directives we often give to our clients. We wanted a teenager’s perspective on those themes.  She chose “Attending

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