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Rebecca Wilkinson, ATR-BC, LCPAT

06/13 What’s Your “Super Power”?

Rebecca’s sister Jenny loves to liven up dinner parties by asking guests around the table “what is your ‘Super Power’–some quality that others know you for, even if it’s something outrageous and seemingly useless?” Initially, when the first identified speaker

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Donal Winnicott
Wilkinson Rebecca

05/13 The Art In Scribbling

What we “see” objectively can often change very quickly.  We recently ran a workshop at Montgomery County Government with Building Site Inspectors.  We had made a powerpoint on a simple white slide template and, because the facility did not have

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American art therapy association
Wilkinson Rebecca

11/10 Art Therapy

CWW art therapists are Licensed, Registered and Board Certified practicing in the field of art therapy for 30 years. What Is Art Therapy? Art therapy, at its simplest, is therapy that uses the special healing properties of making art to

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