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Superheroes in Disguise

November 2017 Rebecca recently had to get her vehicle registered in Arizona.  She’d postponed going to the DMV because of dreaded long lines, complicated forms, burnt-out government employees, and the fear that she would not be able to complete the

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Standing at The Gates of Hope

October 2017 When we first started writing this newsletter 5 years ago, Hurricane Sandy had just devastated New York and New Jersey.  In the span between then and now, we’ve seen many global tragedies–the Pulse shootings, Manchester, Charlottesville, Paris, Harvey,

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Deconstructing Digital Detox

August 2017 We were recently asked to do a presentation on “Digital Detox”.  When we researched this phenomenon, we found that there was a tacit presumption that frequent exposure to digital devices interferes with our ability to connect with others

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Tortured and Joyous

July 2017 We, Gioia and Rebecca, have recently written a textbook on the way we combine art therapy and positive psychology.  Thankfully, it’s in the last stages of publication and all we have to do is go over the final

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A Good Life and a Good Death

May 2017 Rebecca’s Aunt Joan–whose blog Joan’s Stones was the topic of our newsletter in March as well as many other newsletters on creativity and aging gracefully–passed away last month.  Although it may sound odd, she died what we would

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