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Being Kind to Our Special Ones

May 2018 Gioia and Rebecca have enlisted Gioia’s daughters to do a “Youth Series” for our newsletters this summer so you will be hearing more from them. This month Tabitha, Gioia’s oldest daughter, wrote about her relationship with her little

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NOT Therapy

April 2018 When we are working with people who are trying to experience more positivity and wellbeing, we often ask them to imagine what their lives would be like if things were the best that they could be.  Where would they

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Shout Out to the VIA Youth Strengths Survey

March 2018  We often focus on identifying and building on strengths in our newsletters; however, usually it is related to our work with adults. This newsletter will launch our summer series of newsletters on working with children, teens and young

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Everything You Know About Love Is Wrong

February 2018 Barbara Fredrickson, one of our favorite psychologists and author of Love 2.0, provocatively asks “What if everything we know about love is wrong?” We like featuring her work in February because Valentine’s Day triggers so many preconceived expectations about

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Happy New Year! 2018

Welcome to 2018!  We thought we’d start the new year with a video of Gioia describing her art journaling practice.  You can use art journaling to reflect on what’s going on in your life and uncover new layers of inspiration for

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