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Rebecca Wilkinson artwork
growth mindset
Wilkinson Rebecca

How To Find Love and Other Fallacies

When you’re single everybody and their mother tells you how to find a mate.  They’ll tell you what you should do: follow your interests and you’ll meet people with similar interests, do something different so you’ll broaden your options, join

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Wilkinson Rebecca

What Did You Do? Year in Review

Rebecca’s Year in Review on a Napkin Instead of making resolutions at the end of the year, we decided to do a review of what we had accomplished in 2016.  When we “interviewed” our family members (they are always the

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Abandoned Art
Wilkinson Rebecca

Impact Art

Janet Wittmer–Flower Gift Card November 2016 During this time of year many of us are moved to find ways to give back to our communities but, apart from donating food, money or time if we have them to give, we’re

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Carol Dweck
Wilkinson Rebecca

Try and Try Again: The Worst It Can Do Is Suck

Dave Moyer–Daily Self-Portrait Practice October 2016 An old friend of Rebecca’s, David Moyer, who has been an artist for over 50 years, has just now decided he’s going to teach himself how to draw.  Even though he went to Pratt

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affirmation touchstones
Tabitha Chilton

Affirmations: the Three P’s

Gioia–Affirmation Stones September 2016 Here at Creative Wellbeing Workshops we often get asked how to be more positive, but it’s not always easy to just “think positive!”  We sometimes need gentle reminders to shift negative trains of thought. Affirmations are short

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